Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel turns into hospital for COVID-19 patients? Not true!

The more severe the process of spreading the Corona Virus or COVID-19 is used by several parties to spread untrue news.

It is undeniable that Corona Virus is currently going crazy in several European countries. Its spread seems so fast. Developed countries like Italy, England, Spain, France to Germany have been affected by this outbreak.

Portugal is no exception, even the local government has taken the decision to temporarily close all teaching and learning activities in the School and also nightclubs. The reason is, these activities can increase the spread of the virus.

Interestingly, in the midst of the Corona pandemic, word got out that Juventus’ mega star Cristiano Ronaldo would give up his Hotel in Portugal called Pestana CR7 to become a hospital.

The news reported by Marca reported that the hospital would later become a place to accommodate Corona patients in his country. Not only that, Ronaldo also did not charge a dime and was ready to pay for the medical equipment needed, as well as the salaries of doctors and nurses.

However, this news was later denied by one of the staff at the hotel. He stressed that until now he had not received any news about the plan in question.

We are a hotel. We will not be a hospital. This is a day like any other day. We are and will remain a hotel. We were called by the press. Have a nice day, the agency’s spokesman told Dutch outlet RTL Nieuws, as reported by Goal International.

While on the one hand, Cristiano Ronaldo himself has not talked at all or responded to the news. What is clear, the 35-year-old soccer player was in his hometown to isolate themselves from this virus.

Meanwhile, the Corona Virus Case in Portugal is now detected affecting 245 people on Sunday (03/15/2020). This means that there have been 76 new cases detected since last Saturday. Meanwhile, around the world so far there are more than 900 thousand cases.

Indonesia has also been affected by more than 90 cases found.

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