Dani Alves and wife go for a fun holiday in Bali

Joana Sanz who is known as the wife of Brazilian soccer legend, Dani Alves looks like enjoying her summer vacation in Bali. She and her husband carry out various activities on the Island of the Gods which are famous for their natural beauty.

On the occasion Joana Sanz vacationed in Safari Park, there she played with various kinds of animals. Not satisfied with that, Joana Sanz also visited Besakih Karangasem Temple. At the sacred place, Joana Sanz admits that she admires the architecture of the largest temple building in Indonesia.

“On the island of a thousand gods,” Joana Sanz wrote on her personal Instagram account by showing her grand picture with Dani Alves.

Not enough to post photos, Joana Sanz apparently also did InstaStory by sharing stories in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary or better known as the Ubud Monkey Forest to over 700 thousand followers by showing their activities to distribute food to many animals.

It is known that Joana Sanz and Alves have been in Bali since Saturday, July 13, 2019 yesterday. No different from other tourists, one of the mandatory activities on the island of Bali is direct sunbathing. Alves is now a free transfer because there is no club that ties him after spending a one-season career with Paris Saint Germain.

Interestingly here when there was a lot of speculation about Dani Alves’s career later, it turned out that he gave a question because he claimed to have had a new profession. Alves’s profession is interested in working at Bali Safari Park.

“I have found a new job. A little heavy and risky, but very fun, “Alves wrote on his personal Instagram account.

Now fans are just waiting for Alves’ certainty about his next career, and many predictions say if the player is very interested in returning to Spain by joining his former club, Barcelona.

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