Dani Alves hints to play in the Premier League before retiring

Dani Alves, who was called the chameleon player, still kept his big dream to be able to feel the heat of the English Premier League competition. In a brief acknowledgment, the mainstay defender of Paris Saint Germain is ready to graze to England before deciding to hang his shoes permanently.

Together with PSG, Alves gave an answer that he was still negotiating with the PSG regarding the details of his new contract. Alves joined PSG since 2017 for free. At the age of 36, Alves is able to be a role model for young players that age does not prevent players from staying at their best.

Career as a professional footballer, Alves has a career with many big clubs such as Sevilla, Barcelona, and Juventus, which in total he has lifted 40 prestigious trophies. Apart from the many trophies, Alves was curious about the magnitude of the atmosphere of the English Premier League.

“I have said many times, I really want him to play in the English Premier League. It was not a dream because I realized my dream through hard work. Premier League is a very interesting league with high respect,” Alves said.

“I like to give respect for professional players, if they give everything, they are respected. In other countries in Europe, if you don’t win then you don’t get respect. I don’t have a problem, I’m a winner,” Alves concluded.

Alves then continued his future with PSG. Investigate, the French Ligue 1 rich club still wants to use Alves’ services for the next season with the value of another one-season extension contract if he looks good.

“One attraction that I can’t avoid is my mother’s figure when I still had an umbilical cord, even though it finally broke. I am a free man and someone who thinks that one plus one is equal to one, not two,” Alves continued.

“If we think the same, we will stay together. If not, then that won’t happen. For now we are not in line and let’s see what will happen later,” closed the retainer of the Brazilian national team.

Alves may be going through his closing season with PSG at French Ligue 1, where they will travel to Reims’ headquarters in the final game of the season. As for PSG, they again won the championship with a striking point advantage, in other words there was no Ligue 1 resident team that could match PSG’s strength now.

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