Dani Carvajal interested in a career in the English Premier League

Real Madrid’s main full back, Dani Carvajal, admits that he has begun to think of opportunities to leave Spain and try new challenges in other countries. Of course, it will be a good experience, but he also does not rule out the possibility of continuing to spend his career in his own country. China and Qatar also did not escape the option that the player thought.

This 26-year-old player is actually one of the products of the Real Madrid academy, but had moved to the German Bundesliga club, Bayer Leverkusen which also became his first Professional club as a football player. But, in the 2013 summer transfer market, was he recruited again by Real Madrid.

At first, Carvajal had difficulty penetrating the Los Blancos’ main squad, until finally he became the club’s main choice for the last few seasons, starting from 2014 until now. Carvajal has become an important part of the success achieved by Real Madrid winning 4 European Champions League titles in the last five years.

With the fact that he was very young, he still wanted to explore a career in another league. Carvajal himself did not deny this, even he claimed to be interested in a career in the English Premier League.

“I thought that [I would leave Spain], and I clearly said that I wanted to play in the Premier League. It was an experience I really wanted to have. I don’t want to be curious about what it’s like to play there.”

“But on the other hand, I also want to spend an entire career here, which will be fun to live on. It’s true that [moving to] Qatar, China … We can’t lie to ourselves that it’s all about money. I really want to feel the experience of the Premier League, but we’ll see later,” tolf Carvajal to Libero Magazine.

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