Dani Ceballos encouraged Martin Odegaard to follow in his footsteps

Potential Spain midfielder Dani Ceballos has spoken again about his decision to leave Real Madrid to join Arsenal. In fact, Ceballos also gave similar advice to Martin Odegaard.

As is known, Dani Ceballos is actually one of the potential players that Real Madrid has. But since 2019, he has officially joined Arsenal via a season loan.

Even though he is only on loan, this Spanish player is able to perform nicely with the Gunners. In fact, he was one of Arsenal’s best players in the 2019/20 season.

Because of his slick performance, Arsenal finally extended Ceballos’ loan period for the 2020/21 season.

In essence, Dani Ceballos is just one of several young Real Madrid players who struggled to find a place in the first team and ended up leaving.

Now, the situation is more or less the same experienced by several other players, including Martin Odegaard.

Talking about Odegaard’s situation, Ceballos himself emphasized that it is very important for young players to appear regularly. He admitted that he had spoken with Zidane about this, but unfortunately the answer was not satisfactory.

However, Ceballos confirmed that his decision to move to Arsenal was not because of Zidane, but only to get the chance to play more games.

“Young players must play regularly. At Real Madrid, I have to know if I will get an equal opportunity. I am obsessed with wanting to play again,”

“I didn’t get minutes to play, but I realized that it was best to turn the situation around, work hard, and be an important player again [for another club].” said Ceballos to EFE via Marca.

Meanwhile, Martin Odegaard, Ceballos considered him to have a similar problem at Real Madrid. Of course he can’t say much, but as a young player, regular playing opportunities are important.

“If I choose this option, I will play again. That is very clear. I can explain what happened to me in Madrid. I don’t really know what happened to Martin Odegaard.”

“However, it is clear that any player who wants to succeed in Madrid must maximize their chances,” he concluded.

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