Daniele De Rossi: “The end of my career is now edging ever closer.”

The veteran AS Roma, Daniele De Rossi has begun to feel that his career on the football field is nearing the end, not only because of age, but also because of the severe injuries he is currently experiencing. Even so, the person concerned said he felt lucky because he could carry out the work he loved, in the city he loved along with the people he loved too.

Daniele De Rossi, 35, has only defended one club throughout his career as a football player who is none other than AS Roma. The former Italian National Team player debuted at the senior level in 2001 ago, having previously received football education along with Gialorossi.

From season to season, Rossi continues to be a mainstay of AS Roma, even when the club’s living legend Francesco Totti has decided to hang shoes in 2017 yesterday, in fact Rossi still exists today. Had heard the news that Rossi said that he would also retire along with Totti last year, but in fact the concerned was still playing until now for the same club, AS Roma.

It’s just that, in his latest interview, Rossi felt that he was nearing the end of his career as a football player, not only because of his age, but also because of the severe injury he is currently experiencing. For information, Rossi suffered a broken bone injury in October and until now still not able to play.

“I am a lucky person, I have carried out a job that I love, in a city that I love, with people I love. I know, the end [of his career] has begun to approach, especially because of this injury problem,”

“I have felt what it means to be away from the squad, and I understand that it will hurt me when I quit this job. Whether it’s six months, a year, or three years, time has almost run out in my career. This is the most serious injury of my career, this is a problem with cartilage, I suffered a severe injury. It will be very serious if I have to tear it again at the age of 35,” said De Rossi.

For 17 years defending AS Roma, Rossi has recorded 603 appearances along with Gialorossi in all competitions.

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