Danilla Riyadi finally revealed she has a boyfriend

Beautiful singer Danilla Riyadi made her fans from men feel broken hearted. The reason is, on YouTube Channel Onadio Leonardo, the 30-year-old woman claimed to have a lover.

Recently, Danilla Riyadi has indeed become a guest star on YouTube’s The Leonardo’s Channel, Onadio Leonardo’s. On the occasion, Onad asked Danilla a number of personal questions.

One that makes Onad curious is the love affair of the 30-year-old woman, so far there is no news about who is Danilla’s boyfriend.

Hearing this question, Danilla admitted that she now had a lover. The lucky man was named Agus Warman, a Pahat Artist from Purworejo.

“I have a boyfriend, his name is Agus. He is a sculpture artist from Purworejo. He is 39 years old. But his face is not that old,” he said in the video.

Considering Agus Warman is not a famous man, then what is the reason for Danilla to accept his love? Well, it turns out that the lucky Agus has the same musical taste as Danilla, but besides that he also has a strange mindset.

“His mindset is unique. He made a small statue of my form. Happy because he expressed it in a different way. What makes me like it is because he thinks of himself, so he thinks I should be able to go first, I must go forward, he knows what he wants to do.”

“So when I realized the person I loved was not full to me, but there he thought of himself, I like it,” said Danilla.

Actually, Danilla has known Agus Warman for the past year, but they have only been dating for the past week.

“I forgot. I knew him since last year, but it was only possible to be called him as a lover a week ago. I think we got it,” said Danilla.

The couple also agreed not to spit their relationship on Social Media.

“I was afraid of breaking up if I broke it, it would become creepy. I used to post when I had a fight and saw it. Finally, I didn’t have to post, because it was very personal. He agreed with that,” said Danilla.

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