Daughter of Anjasmara reveals what she looks for as an ideal partner

Sasi Asmara, daughter of the couple Anjasmara and Dian Nitami recently received a question about the criteria of her ideal man.

The woman with the full name Sasikirana Zahrani Asmara is now 17 years old, and in November she will turned 18 years old soon. Of course, as a woman who had reached adulthood, Sasi was not spared by Netizens’ questions about Asmara’s business.

Considering Sasi has never uploaded intimate photos with a man, she is also believed to be single. Netizens then asked about the ideal man’s criteria, this question was indeed being talked about in social media.

Now, hearing that question, Sasi laughed but she still gave an answer about the criteria of the ideal man. She said that her ideal man like a smart figure, a nerd and happy to discuss science.

“Not hahaha. Dorky, Nerdy, I love animals, enter science & like science discussions, “Sasi wrote on Instagram Stories.

Not only that, she also claimed to dislike muscular men, even more like geeks by wearing glasses.

“Not muscular (it really likes being dork & loser, HAHAHA). Bonus: wear glasses, “said Sasi.

Another additional criterion is that the man must like and be good at playing games on a computer.

“You have to want to play lots of games + if you can do it well. PC is not console, “Sasi said.

It’s just that, for men who have the criteria above, it seems they have to be patient because Anjasmara’s biological daughter claims to be not interested in dating yet. Sasi said that she only wanted to focus on her education to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

“So far i dont think I’m really interested in another relationship just yet. Just focus on being a doctor first, “said Sasi.

According to information that was heard, reportedly Anjasmara banned Sasi from dating fellow artists, but she has denied this rumor.

“Immediately ask @anjasmara wrote hahaha (about prohibited dating with other artist children not the same parent). Hmm, you shouldn’t, idk, “Sasi said.

Although still young, Sasi was so accomplished that she recently won first place in the 2019 Johor Ice Skating Challenge competition.

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