David Beckham wins the 2018 UEFA President’s Award

One of the English and Real Madrid Football legends, David Beckham won an award on UEFA ceremonial night on Thursday night (08/30). The former Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain player was awarded the 2018 UEFA President’s Award, an award given specifically for certain football legends, with several aspects being considered.

As is known, UEFA always holds awards nights every year, in addition to giving awards to the best, the European Football Association also draws for the European Champions League Group stage. In addition to giving awards to the players, UEFA also gave awards to football legends who were deemed worthy of receiving awards, for their dedication either above the field or off the field, the award was referred to as the UEFA President Award.

Last year Totti won the award, but this year it was the turn of the English Football Legend, David Beckham, who was awarded by UEFA. Beckham received the 2018 UEFA President Award in relation to his actions to provide assistance to children around the world. For the award, Beckham said he was very happy, according to him it was very important to provide assistance to children in need.

“It’s amazing to be there [the award] with some of the best names. So I feel very honored, I feel honored to be here, to be part of a very special event. I am lucky to be able to play with some of the biggest clubs and with some of the best players in the best team, under the care of some of the best managers.”

“The biggest and best games in the world have the opportunity to change the lives of children. This is about being there for these children. There are children somewhere watching this game, and they have a hero playing in the Champions League. It is one of the proudest things to be involved in organizations that do a lot of things for many children around the world,” said Beckham, as quoted by UEFA’s official website.

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