David Luiz officially stayed longer at Chelsea

Chelsea have just officially released happy news regarding their players’ contracts, and this time regarding David Luiz‘s contract, which can be sure to stay deeper at Stamford Bridge after signing the extension agreement for the next two seasons.

As already signed, Luiz will leave Chelsea at the end of the summer. With the extension of this contract, Luiz will last until 2021.

As for Luiz’s career with Chelsea is somewhat up and down, after being reserved in the era of Antonio Conte’s coaching, but this season he again became a mainstay in the heart of the defense of Chelsea in Maurizio Sarri’s squad.

This agreement was recognized by Luiz as a form of Chelsea’s success advancing to the Europa League final this season, and he also did not close the feeling of happiness over Chelsea’s confidence in his ability.

“It’s nice to be able to get a chance and survive here. I love this club and I still have the ambition of young players. The success of progressing to the final of the European competition is very meaningful, and we still have the opportunity to finish in the top three of the Premier League this season and I will continue to try to do my best to help the team,” Luiz admitted to the media.

Luiz was recorded as joining for the first time at Chelsea in the 2011 season, after having grazed at Paris Saint Germain for two seasons, the Brazilian defender returned home to the Blues in 2016.

The 2018-2019 season is Luiz’s consistent season with Chelsea, he has been recorded playing 48 times in all competitions, including 35 times in the Premier League, which is the highest number of records. In total, Luiz played 246 times by creating a total of 18 goals throughout his career with Chelsea.

Now Luiz can start to focus on defending Chelsea in preparation for the race for the top four places, where they will play Leicester City in the final Premier League match of the season. After the match, Chelsea vs Arsenal will be presented in the Europa League Final on 29 May 2019.

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