David Naif shares his unique experiences riding on an angkot

A celebrity is usually difficult to get privacy when in public facilities, because they will easily be recognized by people around.

But interestingly, it was also not felt by the Naif Vocalist Band, David Bayu or better known as David Naif. Not long ago, the 43-year-old man told the experience of riding on a public transportation but was not recognized by other passengers even by the driver.

In fact, David uploaded a video when the moment occurred, he recorded a situation on the public transportation where other passengers seemed ignorant of his presence there.

“Riding on an angkot how come there is no one who introduced me to the vocalist but also …”, said the caption written by David in his upload on Twitter.

The funny thing is, there was a passenger who called him when he was going to get off the public transportation, at first it was thought because he just realized that he was David Naif, but apparently…

“When I went out to pay, I was called by mothers who sat in the back of a driver. Wow, I thought he introduced me to a vocalist, but it turns out that my wallet fell down.”

Not only that, the next day, David returned to do the same thing, this time he took a taxi and asked the driver if he recognized his face. Apparently the driver also claimed not to know.

In the video David asks, “Sir, did you introduce me to me?” then the driver answered, “Nope”. David said wearily, “Oh, well, thank you.”

No doubt, the unique experience story shared by David Naif invited various comments from Netizens. There are also those who suggest David to try riding a motorcycle, because his figure is more recognizable.

“Maybe try to ride on the motorbike, because at that time I was just across the road,” wrote the owner of @mentari_psd while uploading a photo of David riding a motorcycle on the highway.

David Bayu or David Naif does not only work as a Naif Band Vocalist, he has also been a host in a guessing quiz again on one of the country’s private television. While in the Naif Band Group, David has joined since the band was first established in 1995.

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