De Bruyne is the world’s third best player

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was so impressed by Manchester City player Kevin De Bruyne. In fact, he claims only Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are better than the Belgian.

The former Chelsea player indeed immediately appeared good in his first match in the Premier League this season, of course with Manchester City.

He managed to lead Pep Guardiola’s men to a 3-1 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers, De Bruyne scored one goal in the match.

In fact, not only one goal, he also contributed by scoring one assist there. The stats are also excellent, hitting 4 Shot on Target, creating 6 chances, 6 crosses and 4 clean tackles.

This indicates that the player has not lost motivation after last season he was selected as the best player in the Premier League in various versions.

No wonder many parties are amazed by De Bruyne’s performance, including Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher.

The figure who now works as a football pandit assesses De Bruyne, who is now on a different level from other great players, even arguably close to the level of two of the world’s best players in the last decade, Messi and Ronaldo.

“De Bruyne, when we talk about the best players in the world today, I will put his name above the second-class group of players, behind Messi and Ronaldo,”

“If you ask which player I want in my team, explained Kevin De Bruyne.” Carragher told Sky Sports.

Regarding the best position, Carragher thinks De Bruyne will perform very well as long as he plays in a central position, either as an attacking midfielder or central midfielder.

“He can play in the no.10 role, up front on a three-man attack, and Roberto Martinez plays him as a central midfielder for Belgium.”

“I think his career will go a long way because I still believe he can play in a deeper role [deep lying playmaker], maybe when his legs get tired of playing aggressively,” he concluded.

Unfortunately, last season De Bruyne failed to bring City to retain the Premier League title.

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