De Gea leaves, Jan Oblak comes to MU

Manchester United seems troubled by the issues that are emerging now, where they are claimed to be preparing themselves to lose David De Gea. Investigating, the Red Devils are preparing for Jan Oblak from Atletico Madrid as a future keeper.

Coming from the 2011 season, David De Gea transformed as the final savior god of Manchester United. Playing impressively under the MU crossbar and saving a lot of points for the Red Devils thanks to ‘unreasonable saves’.

But in recent weeks, David De Gea was preparing to leave Old Trafford. This issue arises because the Red Devils are reluctant to give a salary increase of 350 thousand Pounds per week.

Manchester United was claimed not to let that happen, and hoped that David De Gea would stay at Old Trafford. However, if he could not resist the departure of the goalkeeper, it was stated that the Red Devils had a substitute goalkeeper, Jan Oblak.

Manchester United’s interest in Jan Oblak was not without reason, where all this was because they were fascinated by the quality of the Slovenian National Team goalkeeper. In the last three seasons, Oblak won the position of Atletico Madrid goalkeeper.

Oblak’s best achievement is to win the La Liga gold glove. In this season alone, Oblak only conceded 21 goals in 31 La Liga matches. This record is still the best and it is very possible that Oblak will match Manchester United.

If you want to land the Oblak to Old Trafford, of course they have to prepare fresh funds. Where Atletico Madrid only wants to accept an offer of 80 million Euros. This figure is obviously very big for the goalkeeper, and the possibility of Manchester United will again consider all that.

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