De Ligt chose Juve instead of Barca for the sake of money?

Amid the big question mark where is the next destination of Ajax Amsterdam’s talented young defender, Matthijs De Ligt. A strong and resolute utterance with content appeared to criticize the player who was considered by Dutch football observers, Hugo Borst.

According to Hugo Borst, De Light chose Juventus rather than Barcelona, because of money issue. As for now the news is increasingly leading to the certainty of De Ligt leaving Ajax in the 2019 summer transfer market. Although until now it has not been known where De Ligt’s career is next, but it can be predicted more deeply.

The name of De Ligt is much associated with European elite teams, such as Juventus, Barcelona, and also the French giants, Paris Saint-Germain. But they are the ones who still survive in making personal and international approaches by bidding to Ajax.

Investigated, now Barcelona have declared a retreat because of high salary requests delivered by the agent, Mino Raiola. While Paris Saint Germain through a new director, Leonardo stated that he was still working hard to do various ways to succeed this transfer.

It was the name of Juventus that was mentioned in the hunt for De Ligt. According to a trusted source, the player himself is fit with Juventus rather than a career in Spanish La Liga and French Ligue 1. Not only that, they are also claimed to be ready to meet De Ligt’s salary request.

Hearing the gossip that was developing now, Borst also felt shocked and did not believe. Because Juventus is predicted not a suitable place for De Ligt in the mission to find a new challenge because it only has the status of a local competition and often fails in the Champions League.

“Juve? Hah! The club has secured guarantees in the league and they have been unable to lift the Champions League trophy even with Cristiano Ronaldo,” Borst said.

Then the question arises, why did De Ligt prefer Juventus? Borst believed that De Ligt was only targeting high salaries that could be paid for by Maurizio Sarri’s care team. For this reason, he boldly called De Ligt as money grubber figure.

“Why did De Ligt want to go to Italy? Raiola seems to be asking for an annual salary of 14 million Euros. Since when did De Ligt become a mercenary? If you can choose anywhere in the world, you will choose Premier League, Barca, or Real Madrid. England and Spain are the two strongest leagues in the world. In that country, you can see the best players and watch them develop,” Borst concluded.

The biggest question mark is not just money. De Ligt chose Juventus, but many claims state that if the player is interested in grazing on the Italian Serie A, thanks to an invitation from Cristiano Ronaldo, which tempted De Ligt when Portugal met the Netherlands in the 2019 Europa League event.

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