De Ligt doesn’t care gossip about himself?

Maurizio Sarri can be regarded as a coach who saw the development of his players clearly, as evidenced by the former Chelsea coach asking the Juventus defender, Matthijs De Ligt to lose weight, as his performance is not like usual.

This widespread issue was immediately denied by Matthijs De Ligt, while the young Dutchman was a new face in the Juventus defense. Coming from Ajax with a tag of 75 million Euros, it is appropriate that the defender is always under pressure.

From Dutch Eradivisie to Italian Serie A it is clearly different, and requires time to re-adapt. Then these two differences make the game Matthijs De Ligt up and down. This can be seen clearly how to play the player in several Juventus parties this season.

This chaotic start occurred when Matthijs De Ligt was considered the culprit of the two and three goals scored by Napoli when Juventus won 4-3. Slowly began to return to positive, and until the emergence of a new when competing against Inter Milan.

This situation gave rise to the wild side possessed by Matthijs De Ligt. Not only that, the relationship also led to Sarri’s requests, one of which was to ask the player to go on a diet.

De Ligt also looks don’t care all that. According to him, the issue that was spread to the public was too wild to the point that he was not interested in throwing a few replies to both journalists and print media.

“The news that is spread now is like a wild act. I am no longer surprised by that. Sometimes I think I play well, but it looks like something is wrong,” said Matthijs De Ligt.

“But all of that is just opinion. It is important to know what I am doing well and what has gone bad and I understand very well about it,”

If dissecting deeper, then the plan to play Matthijs De Ligt is quickly not included in Sarri’s plan. It can be proven when Sarri said the reason why he had to play Matthijs De Ligt, in this case was because Giorgio Chiellini was injured.

Chiellini is predicted to undergo several injury healing processes over a period of six months, so the chance of Matthijs De Ligt’s appearing wide open, and against Inter in Serie A last week is proof.

“New players who come are supposed to have to adapt, Juventus already have two great defenders with Chiellini and Bonucci. The plan is to get me into the team slowly, but that goes differently, “Sarri continued.

“Then it is great when players get a chance to play early, but you will be thrown into a steep cliff quickly. That is a good challenge for me, “he concluded.

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