De Ligt learns Depay’s bad experience at MU accompanied by a sexy model

Ajax Amsterdam star, Matthijs De Ligt was included in the category of players most awaited by European elite clubs. Besides Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Barcelona. Now the name Manchester United is also included in the names of teams who are interested in getting this 19-year-old captain’s signature.

Matthijs De Ligt has not really confirmed where he will play next season. Seeing this attitude, surely the player does not want to be in a hurry to determine the future of his new club later. In the process, it turned out that Matthijs De Ligt had learned on his senior experience in the Dutch national team, Memphis Depay.

Open with the title Heart of a Lion contains Depay’s impression when officially joining and playing with Manchester United. According to the contents of the book, Depay claimed that he was mistreated by coaches, such as Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho.

Depay felt that in the era of Van Gaal or Mourinho, he did not play in the best position so he could not bring out his best abilities and eventually had to be mentally from Old Trafford with a total failure status.

“Do not understand what they think, you bring me with my quality at PSV and the Dutch national team. After that, you don’t even play me in the proper position, “Depay wrote in the book.

Throughout his career, Depay was recorded as joining the Red Devils in the 2015 season until 2017. But during that time, Depay was more impressed with the failure to show his best game like things when with PSV.

At that time, Depay recorded only 53 times playing and scored seven goals. Considered not to make a significant contribution, Depay was finally released back to French Ligue 1 by joining Olympique Lyon.

Matthijs De Ligt’s attitude towards reading his senior history book in the Dutch national team could be very detrimental to Manchester United. Because the bad experience could have influenced his view of the Premier League club.

Interestingly here, in the reading process, Matthijs De Ligt was not alone. He was seen accompanied by a lover who was also a Dutch model, Anneke Molemaar. This young couple is known to be on vacation in Miami, the United States after a pre-season holiday.

Anneke and De Ligt’s love affair began to be known through Anneke’s upload on her personal Instagram account which often showed her rivalry with Matthijs De Ligt. So far the most interesting thing is that there has not been an official decision as to where the next player’s career will be, whether to stay at Ajax or move to a new club next season.

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