“Kematian Adalah Resiko Setiap Pebalap MotoGP”

“Death Is Every MotoGP Rider’s Risk”

Eight-time world champion Marc Marquez has insisted he will not change his aggressive style of racing after his comeback from injury. According to this Repsol Honda Rider, every racer must have the courage to bear every risk on the track, including death.

As is known, the condition of Marc Marquez’s arm, which made him absent for a season, is now much better. In short, it is highly likely that the 27-year-old will return to the track in the near future.

Even so, not a few parties predict that Marc Marquez will have trouble returning to his best level when he returns to racing later. This is of course not only due to physical factors, but also mentally that has not fully recovered after missing a season.

For information, Marc Marquez is indeed known as one of the riders who has a fairly aggressive racing style, which also caused him to fall in the first series of the 2020 season and suffer an arm fracture.

People also believe that after recovering later, Marc Marquez will probably be more careful on the track, not as aggressive as usual.

However, this was denied by the person concerned, because according to him, a racer was not at all afraid of the heaviest risk on the track, namely death.

“We, the riders, have a trait that can be a weakness at times: we are not afraid. We, the riders, never talk about death. If you get on the motorbike while thinking about these kinds of things, it’s better to stay at home.” said Marquez.

In fact, Marc Marquez said that he is a typical racer who likes to take risks, which is also what made him successful as world champion eight times.

“I myself like to take risks. Somehow I can practice controlling myself. But every race I run as if it was my last race. If you look at my career, you know all the risks I took to earn a world title,” said Marquez.

If his condition continues to improve, it is likely that Marc Marquez will play in the First Series on March 28.

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