Deddy Corbuzier finally clarified about podcast video with Siti Fadilah

Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast on YouTube is often in the spotlight, especially about themes discussed with guest stars. However, lately the spotlight is not just the theme, but the guest star of the former magician.

Yes, Deddy Corbuzier interviewed a Corruption Case prisoner who is also a former health minister, Siti Fadilah. As a result, not a few Netizens suspect that the former husband of Kalina Oktaviani has not asked permission from the Directorate General of PAS to meet and interview the former Minister of Health.

After being quiet, finally Deddy Corbuzier spoke up through the video he uploaded on Instagram.

In the video, Sabrina Khoirunnisa’s lover explains that she met with Siti Fadilah at the Hospital. In fact, the former Minister of Health himself gave permission voluntarily to hold an interview.

“At that time in the hospital, when I was in touch with Mrs. Siti Fadilah and I asked permission from Ms. Siti Fadilah and was permitted without a little coercion,” Deddy said in a video uploaded on his Instagram.

Deddy also stressed that the purpose of the interview was to provide information that might be of benefit to the people in the midst of this pandemic.

“Because he wants that there is information for the people of Indonesia that can help our nation immediately resolve this COVID19 pandemic,” continued Deddy.

Deddy can ensure that there are no Hoax or provocative elements in the Video. His discussion with Siti Fadilah was purely to provide information to the public.

“The video contains no hoaxes, no provocative elements at all. The video is just information for the people and for our nation. To finish the COVID-19 pandemic soon, hopefully, “concluded Deddy.

Now, in the interview video uploaded by Deddy Corbuzier on his Youtube Channel, Siti Fadilah admitted she had stopped the bird flu pandemic in 2005. Or more precisely, canceled it.

He claimed to have come face to face with the World Health Organization or WHO so as not to make the bird flu virus a pandemic. Siti Fadilah in her efforts succeeded in proving that bird flu was not a virus that can be transmitted between humans.

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