Del Piero surprised by the appointment of Pirlo as Juventus coach

One of the great Juventus legends, Alessandro Del Piero cannot deny the fact that he was also surprised by the appointment of Andrea Pirlo as the new manager of the Bianconneri.

In the 2019/20 season, Juventus was handled by the former Napoli and Chelsea coach, Maurizio Sarri. The 61-year-old tactician managed to lead the Bianconneri to defend the Scudetto title with difficulty.

But in the end Sarri was still sacked at the end of the season, this was due to Juventus’ failure to go far in the European Champions League. As is known, LA Vecchia Signorra was eliminated from the last 16 after losing the away goal rule to Olympique Lyon.

Not long after Sarri’s dismissal, Juve’s management appointed Pirlo as his replacement. This appointment in itself is quite surprising. Because the Italian legend has absolutely no training experience.

Even before, Pirlo was appointed coach of the Juventus U-23 Team, just nine days after the appointment, he was immediately trusted to be the first team manager.

The fact that Pirlo has not yet had a coaching license has also surprised many parties with this appointment. Club legend, Alessandro Del Piero is one of them.

“I am very surprised because it is very early for him to be in that position. I was surprised because I thought Juve were going in a different direction, “Del Piero told Forbes, via Italian Football.

Handling a team the size of Juventus is never easy, there are huge challenges to face. Expectations and burdens are also high every game, but he has absolutely no doubt about the quality Pirlo can bring next season.

“It is a big challenge for everyone but the club is very strong and the team is very good and Andrea is a great man,”

“I don’t know what he has to do on the pitch, but I know him personally. So I’m sure he will be very well prepared and ready to take this opportunity and turn it into a success,” he claims.

According to information heard, Pirlo will make changes to the Juventus formation by relying on the 3-4-3 standard again.

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