Dele Alli fainted because too long sunbathing?

Funny and hot news involving Tottenham star, Dele Alli. According to various sources said if the player collapsed due to hot weather, while sunbathing under the hot weather on the beach with his lover.

No different from other European soccer players, where Alli is also enjoying a summer holiday. Alli still has one week ahead before returning to the UK to undergo preparations for the 2019-2020 season.

Alli is known go for a vacation in Mykonos Island, Greece. Alli is not alone, he is with his lover Ruby Mae, who is 25 years old. Interestingly here is instead of wanting to get a special impression and get a moment of intimacy Dele Alli with Ruby Mae must be interrupted temporarily.

This is not separated from the moment where Alli claimed to collapse, till his lover had to call the coast guard to help awaken Alli who was exposed to the sand grains of the beach. More in explaining Alli’s condition, when it was unconscious even unable to stand up.

His legs seemed weak, and he was rushed to a colder place. According to various sources, Alli collapsed because of the overheating weather which reached 33 degrees Celsius.

Ruby Mae who witnessed the incident immediately thought that Alli was only pretending to faint or fall asleep. The young England star was considered to be just funny. Ruby Mae even ignored Alli’s attitude, but when she walked she realized that the player could not wake up.

Ruby Mae panicked and immediately asked for help to be able to make Alli aware that it was indeed not good. This incident also gave panic to some people who were simultaneously vacationing on the beach.

“Kissing and relaxing in loungers and away from the sun they have done all the time. Dele Alli fell asleep and Ruby couldn’t wake his up. Ruby saw it as a funny thing and some of her friends came to check her condition, “according to the coast guard source.

“But everything changed, when she had to call two persons with big bodies to help wake Dele Alli and bring him to the hotel,” the source concluded.

Until now there has been no further news regarding Alli’s situation, but the source dares to believe that the player who became the target of Real Madrid did not experience serious problems.

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