Demi Lovato Mengaku Hilang Keperawanan Sejak Usia 15 Tahun

Demi Lovato Admits Missing Virginity Since The Age Of 15

One of the most famous singers from the United States, Demi Lovato actually reveals all the “big” events in her life in a documentary film “Dancing With the Devil”, including the story of her losing her virginity at the age of 15.

In the film, the 28-year-old singer tells how she was traumatized after losing her virginity at the very young age of 15.

The trauma that was left behind was not without cause, because Demi Lovato considered it rape, even though at first she was making out with her male partner.

“I lost my virginity to rape. We made out with each other, but I said, ‘Hey, we can’t do any further. I’m still a virgin and I don’t want to lose it like this,'” she recalls in the documentary.

Unfortunately, her words were ignored by the man until they ended up having sex. Here, Demi Lovato feels burdened because she also feels that it is her fault that she keeps walking into the room and making out with the man.

Although this incident has been a long time ago, Demi Lovato has only dared to reveal it now for several reasons, including so as not to be hated by the Man’s unidentified fans.

Until now, Demi Lovato is still annoyed that the man has never been fired from his job either.

“My MeToo story tells me that there is someone out there who does this to me and has never received punishment for his actions. They have never been fired from the film they played,” he said.

Apart from these incidents, in the same documentary film, Demi Lovato also had an incident that was no less sad.

Demi Lovato admits that she was a victim of sexual harassment, even when she was “drunk”. Not only that, the perpetrators even left Demi naked.

“There was only one image that crossed my mind when he was on top of my body. I remember a little of the incident and I answered yes (having sex without coercion),” he concluded.

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