Denada reveals reason after rejecting IDR 100 million offered by Baim Wong

Even though she was in need of large funds for the treatment of her daughter, Denada surprisingly refused the IDR 100 million offered by Baim Wong. So, what is the reason for the refusal?

Previously, please note that Denada’s daughter, Aisha is suffering from cancer and since a few months ago was in Singapore to get treatment.

Given the fact that the singer is no longer as busy as the job was, and the amount of medical expenses in the neighboring country, Denada certainly felt burdened. She needs large funds for the medical expenses of her daughter.

Then, Baim Wong came up with an offer of 100 million Rupiah, but surprisingly Denada refused the offer of assistance.

“Why is she looking for me? She wanted to convey, she said the language was mandated by aid in the form of money for Aisha and the amount was not playing around, IDR 100 million. That’s according to me, the amount is really big IDR 100 million, wow!”

“But, to be honest, I couldn’t accept the IDR 100 million and didn’t have the heart to accept the money,” said Denada.

The 41-year-old woman was not meant to not appreciate the offer of help from Paula Verhoven’s husband. She just felt that there were still many people who needed more help than her.

“Thank God, until now, even with the ups and downs, the names of people who undergo chemotherapy are all smooth sailing. In Indonesia many cancer children find it difficult to find medicine because there is no stock or there is also a stock but they can’t buy it, because they don’t have money, ”

“So I tell Baim there are a lot of people who are currently far more in need. If you say whether I need it right now? Oh, God knows, “she said.

Until now, Denada is still trying to find additional money for the treatment of Aisha, some time ago she also sold one of her apartments in Jakarta. The person concerned claimed that she would try as hard as she could without expecting such assistance.

Moreover, there may be many children in Indonesia who suffer the same fate as Denada’s children, but their financial condition is much more difficult.

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