Despite his podium record is matched, Schumacher still better than Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has indeed managed to match Michael Schumacher’s record after winning at the Eifel GP. However, Sebastian Vettel thinks the legend from Norway is still better than the Mercedes racer.

In the race that was held at the Nurburgring Circuit last October 11, Lewis Hamilton managed to be the fastest, or get on the main podium. In fact, it was the 91st win he has achieved in a career on the Formula 1 track.

With this number, Hamilton has equaled the record for legendary racer, Michael Schumacher, who also won 91 victories throughout his career.

Not only that, the Mercedes racer can also pass this record, considering there are still 6 races left this season. He also has the chance to match the Ferrari Legend’s record 7 times world champion.

For information, currently Lewis Hamilton still tops the Formula 1 standings with a 69 point advantage over the nearest driver, Valterri Bottas.

Regarding this impressive record, Sebastian Vettel admits he is amazed by Hamilton, but according to him Schumacher is still better than any other rider.

“I respect what he has achieved. I don’t think that number (91 wins) will be skipped or just equaled. But now we are all sure he will surpass that number,”

“But I have to say that Michael will always be my hero. And I think Michael has something I see that no other rider has so far. I think he (Schumacher) is better than anyone I have ever seen.” Vettel said, quoted by Crash. .

“Apart from that, he has a great work ethic. But it’s the combination of the two that makes him stand out. There’s no match for him yet,” explains Vettel.

Vettel himself admits that he has admired Schumacher since childhood, while Lewis Hamilton is one of his current rivals. Maybe that was also the reason why he thought that Schumacher was still much better.

“I admired Michael as a child. And Lewis, I don’t admire him because I was against him. So it is a different situation,”

“Maybe in 10-20 years, there will be more admiration about what he achieved,” said Vettel.

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