Despite losing, Mourinho claims Tottenham better than Liverpool

Tottenham Hotspur have just lost a thin defeat to Liverpool in the Premier League continued. Even so, coach Jose Mourinho was not necessarily disappointed with his team’s performance, he even considered Harry Kane et al better than the home team.

The big match duel took place on Thursday morning WIB (17/12) at Anfield Stadium.

This match was quite intense from the first minute, Tottenham were so determined to maintain their winning streak, while Liverpool certainly didn’t want to be embarrassed at home.

Liverpool in the end managed to score the goal first when the game entered the 26th minute through their mainstay striker, Mohamed Salah. But not long ago Son Heung Min managed to equalize the score to 1-1.

After that, the duel was very fierce, the action of exchanging attacks occurred repeatedly. Until finally in injury time, Roberto Firmino became the hero of Liverpool’s victory, changing the position to 2-1.

What is interesting, after the match coach Jose Mourinho seemed to approach Klopp to say something. Well, when asked about this, the man from Portugal only said that his team was better even though he lost at the end of the match.

“I told him the best team lost tonight and he didn’t agree, but that’s his opinion,” said Mourinho.

Furthermore, Jose Mourinho complained about how Jurgen Klopp’s attitude on the side of the field tended to overdo it, whether it was a matter of gestures or a matter of protests to the fourth official.

What makes Mourinho complain about this is the fact that if he had acted like Klopp, it would have been a yellow card, or at least a rebuke from the referee.

“If I behaved the same as him on the sidelines, I would not stay there. Is that too much? Somehow, I was treated differently,” concluded Mourinho.

Yes, it must be admitted that Jose Mourinho is one of the coaches who often receives reprimands and yellow cards from referees, whether due to excessive protests or inappropriate gestures.

With this defeat, Tottenham also had to be willing to be moved to second place in the standings.

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