‘Devil’ is endangered, how come?

One of the world’s natural conservation bodies has recently confirmed that ‘Devil’ is one of the living creatures that is currently threatened with extinction. But calm down, of course it is not Devil as we thought, it is a term for an animal named ‘Tasmanian Devil’.

Tasmanian itself is one of the regions off the Australian mainland, and this animal was first discovered in the area. So, does ‘Devil’ really mean ‘devil’?
Well, the story is when the Europeans made settlements in Australia in the 1700s, they were shocked by this animal. Shaped like a dog, but smaller in size.
Called as a mouse, but its size is bigger. Looks like a raccoon, but the fur isn’t too thick. Its fur is black and there is like a white line on its neck.

In addition, this animal also has fangs and sharp teeth, there are loud growls, high screeches that also often emit a very unpleasant odor, do not be surprised if then inserted the word ‘Devil’ aka ‘Satan’ in the name of the animal.

Moreover, Tassie Devil is classified as an animal that is so violent when consuming prey. The target of these animals are snakes, mice and even carcasses, whether animal or human carcasses. Do not stop there, when they finish off their prey, the Tassie Devil will not leave any part of their body, including their feathers and bones will be devoured to the end!

In addition, this type of animal is classified as a noctural animal, which hunts at night, and rests during the day. They are accomplished explorers who can hunt up to a distance of 16km. Did you know, hundreds years ago Tasmanian devils also lived on the mainland of Australia. Unfortunately, these animals are killed because they are considered pests.

In fact, since 1941, Australia has determined that these animals are included in the category of endangered animals, because the numbers continue to decrease. Over time, now there are only 10 to 15 thousand Tasmanian Devils, who settled on the island of Tasmania.

No wonder now, Tasmanian devil is also included in the category of endangered ‘Red List’ from Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). IUCN itself is an international union for world nature conservation.

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