Dewi Perssik looks angry on Instagram, what’s wrong?

Dewi Perssik, Indonesian dangdut singer looked angry in a video that she uploaded this morning on Instagram. In the message, the singer of the song “Sweet Dreams” seemed to scold Netizens who “bullied” her yesterday.

As is known, Dewi Perssik is indeed one of the celebrities, who is quite active on Instagram. In fact, the ex-wife of Saipul Jamil already has more than 15 million followers.

No wonder the 35-year-old woman is quite active in receiving endorsements, including recently where she advertised a beauty product called Hydroquinone.

However, when endorsing the product, Dewi Perssik did seem to have difficulty mentioning the name of the product she was offering. As a result, many netizens mocked and bullied the beautiful singer.

Not receiving the bullying, Dewi Perssik made a video message this morning (Monday, 15/02/21). In the video, Saipul Jamil’s ex-wife appears to be angry with the bullies, most of whom are fake and private accounts.

“Oh dear, it’s very noisy in the morning I wake up, yes, there are lots of bullies. Those who are bullied are also fake or private accounts.” Open Dewi Perssik.

Furthermore, Dewi Perssik emphasized that she was just an ordinary human being full of mistakes and forgetfulness.

“Here I want to tell you, the human name is the wrong place, the place is forgotten and the place is wrong,” he continued.

Netizens also have no problem being said to be stupid about what he said was a little messy yesterday. However, Dewi reminded her that it is better to be a person who is stupid but willing to learn, rather than feeling smart so that she doesn’t want to learn anymore.

“For example, if I mispronounce the word of Hydroquinone and then say I am stupid, okay, I’m stupid, so I want to learn. Instead of you, who feel smart but don’t want to learn from mistakes, there will be your insights. So if you want to be smart, you have to learn not win from yourself. ”

“What is the key to learning? To gain more knowledge so that you will know and understand, dear, “explained Dewi Perssik.

Warganet responded to her upload, most of them asking Dewi Perssik to be patient and just ignore the words of those who have bullied her.

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