Diabetics “safe” to eat white rice, as long as…

Diabetic is recorded as one of the diseases that most kills humans, not least in Indonesia. Although not contagious, this disease is greatly feared by many people, it can be a major cause of strokes, kidney failure, heart attacks, to amputation of the foot. The cause of diabetic is of course due to high blood sugar levels in the body.

This disease is feared like ingrained in the community, even many myths circulating about diabetes. The following is a summary of the facts about diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, as outlined by Dr. Wismandari Wisnu, SpPD-KEMD in the Let’s Live Healthy program on tvOne recently.

As explained, diabetic is indeed a hereditary disease, which can afflict both boys and girls, not cross breeds.

“Not a cross-breed, if the father is diabetic his daughter is diabetic and vice versa is not. Diabetic can occur in girls or boys. But keep in mind also, the offspring does not play a big role, if he or she has diabetes, but can maintain the pattern of life, it can break up, “he said.

Furthermore, Wismandari explained that people with diabetic will usually urinate more often at night. In addition, news circulating in the community about people with diabetic will more often feel thirsty is also true.

“This is related to the intensity of frequent urination, because when urinating makes a person thirsty, this is a compensation mechanism,” he explained.

In addition, diabetic cause extreme daytime sleepiness, it because the sugar intake is no longer processed by the body, but directly go into blood cells.

“We able to wake up because there is sugar in cells for energy,” he explained.

As for the news that people with diabetic should not consume white rice, it turns out it’s just a “mistaken” myth. Even so, he also does not recommend consuming white rice in an unnatural limit, you should use a dose.

“About not being able to eat white rice is also a myth, they can eat white rice, it is high in white rice sugar content but use dosage,” he said.

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