Didi Kempot, the meaning behind his stage name and ‘Sobat Ambyar’

Indonesian senior musician, Didi Kempot has passed away to his lap. Of course the departure of the singer of the song ‘Pamer Bojo’ left sorrow for many people, especially fans.

Digging deeper into the figure of Didi Kempot, people naturally asked why he was given the stage name of Didi Kempot. Didi itself is a nickname made from his full name, Dionisius Prasetyo. Whereas ‘Kempot’ is the stage name, its identity on the stage as a musician.

The name has the meaning ‘Sidewalk Collection’, leading to the beginning of his career as a musician, where Didi worked as a street busker. From there, the man who was born December 31, 1966 got the name Kempot as his stage name.

However, among millennial adolescents now, Didi Kempot has another nickname, he is known as ‘The Godfather of Broken Heart’. That is an English term, which means ‘Father of a Broken Heart’.

The nickname refers to the songs he created, which mostly contain sad stories. Didi himself had admitted that his songs did tell a lot about turmoil since a long time ago, but were only popular in the last two to three years.

“This is the effect of the song that I created 30 years ago. Many young people just found out that the songs were made by me, “Didi Kempot said in an interview in 2019.

The deceased at that time claimed to be surprised, why his songs were popular now and got a nickname like that. But, the legend does not matter.

“It’s okay, fine,” he said.

“What I’m confused about is why not hold me when I’m 20 years old? How come it’s just been caught (caught) now, “he said.

There are many other terms related to Didi Kempot and his phenomenal songs. Like Sad Girls and Sad Boys for the big fans of the singer. There’s another, new term ‘Sobat Ambyar’, which is intended for Didi fans.

“It’s only young people who make it. Amazing young man, thank you, Sobat Ambyar, “Didi Kempot said when met at Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, late last year.

Didi Kempot passed away on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at Kasih Ibu Hospital, Surakarta due to heart-attack.

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