Didier Deschamps says Pogba is unhappy at MU

The French National Team coach, Didier Deschamps seemed to be worried about the situation of one of his flagship players, Paul Pogba. This is because the tactician feels that the midfielder feels unhappy at Manchester United.

It’s no secret that Pogba has always been rumored to be unhappy at Manchester United, even since returning to Old Trafford in 2016, the midfielder has been in the spotlight.

Moreover, at that time Pogba forced Manchester United to spend 105 million Euros to be able to repatriate him from the Italian Serie A giants, Juventus.

Obviously his performance is in the spotlight, especially when things aren’t going well. In fact, Pogba is only a midfielder, not an attacker or striker who can score a lot of goals.

As a result, during the last few years the French national team player has often been the target of criticism. The main problem is that Pogba is considered unable to appear consistent, different from when he was still in Juventus uniform.

Criticism has increased in the last two weeks, Pogba is considered the culprit of Manchester United’s defeat against Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

It is clear that Pogba’s situation cannot be separated from the observation of the coach of the French National Team, Didier Deschamps. Moreover, he saw that the midfielder rarely got the chance to appear.

Deschamps even dares to claim that Paul Pogba is unhappy with his career at Manchester United.

“I have no advice for him. He knows his team well. It’s been quite a while since he played for his club,”

“He is in a situation at Manchester United where he cannot be satisfied with the opportunity to play and his position. He is not in his best period,” Deschamps said as quoted by Goal International.

Furthermore, the tactician asked the public to be patient with Pogba’s good performance. The reason is, the 27-year-old midfielder has just recovered from a series of injuries and has even been exposed to Covid-19.

“Injuries came and went, and Covid also gave him a pretty hard blow. He needed time to get back to his rhythm,”

“Last month his performance was quite good and consistent although not fast enough. He’s been playing since then, but you can’t say he’s happy,” he concluded.

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