Differences in religious beliefs, Amanda Manopo always remind Billy to shalat

The romance between the celebrity couple Billy Syahputra and Amanda Manopo is often in the public spotlight. Naturally, this couple often spit their intimacy through social media.

However, what is indeed a question of the public is how will their relationship continue, considering that both have different beliefs (religions).

Regarding that matter, neither Billy nor Amanda ever spoke up or gave an answer. Even so, this pair seemed to remain intimate and mutually supportive of each other’s beliefs.

For example recently, Billy said that Amanda Manopo had bought him two prayer mats to perform the prayer service.

“So I bought a prayer mat from him (Amanda Manopo). Before I bought a prayer mat, I was always reminded of it for worship,” said Billy Syahputra.

The difference in belief between these two people does not seem to affect their intimacy. Their relationship continues, and even looks intimate in public.

But indeed, for now the couple Billy Syahputra and Amanda Manopo are currently undergoing a Long Distance Relationship (LDR). Amanda is busy with her job as a soap opera player who shoots in the Puncak area, Bogor.

Billy himself admitted that Amanda’s romantic and self-indulgent attitude made Billy a Bucin (Slave of Love). In fact, the late biological brother. Olga Syahputra admitted that she often approached Amanda in Puncak.

“Oh it’s getting bucin ‘with him (Amanda). I didn’t know he made me look like this, I’m also confused,”

“I rarely meet Amanda. Sometimes Amanda comes home, sometimes Amanda stays in Puncak. So I had time to spend time with her, just to meet and chat. If I eat now it’s really hard, at most I bring food,” said Billy.

Indeed, some time ago Warganet was shocked by the loss of intimate photos of this couple on Amanda Manopo’s Instagram account. At that time, many thought that this pair had run aground.

Moreover, Amanda Manopo also had time to follow Billy, but both of them had explained the problems that were going on between them, and they could say that the relationship between the two was fine.

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