Divorced 4 times, Andika ‘Babang Tamvan’ promises to do this

The former vocalist of Kangen Band, Andika Mahesa or who is more familiarly known as Andika “Babang Tamvan” admitted that currently he still enjoys being single.

For information, the 37-year-old man was previously known to have been married four times, all of which were unofficial or unrecognized by the state.

The four marriages have also run aground, so since several years ago, Andika is still widowed.

Talking about the legal marriage, Andika Babang Tamvan admitted that he planned to actually marry legally and religiously. However, he will only realize the plan in four more years, to be precise in 2024.

“In my opinion, when I am 37 I can get married. So far I have been married under 35, I think now I want to get married officially,”

“But my target is 2024. If you ask now whether you want to get married or not, yes or no,” said Andika Mahesa when met after filling in a reality show on a private television.

Furthermore, the singer of the song “You are Cheating” admits that so far he is not really ready to be a husband and father.

The household he had built with four different women before was just to avoid adultery.

“Feeling like depending on the person. Strong desire or not. If I have always been not fond of adultery. I better marry even if a month, two or three months apart, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is not adultery,”

“Because if you see people dating now, today’s junior high school students are messed up. I saw people wearing Osis label clothes leaving the hotel. That’s not appropriate according to me,” said Andika Mahesa.

Now, considering his age, Andika admits that he no longer has the sexual desire he did when he was young. He focused on improving himself to build a better household.

“What I am fixing myself now is to make better progress. I have to better prepare myself. I have to prepare myself well. I don’t have this desire, I spend time with my children so I forget,” concluded Andika Mahesa.

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