DJ Katty Butterfly admits she had broken up with Aiman ​​Ricky

After being flooded with questions by her followers, DJ Katty Butterfly finally confirmed that she and Aiman ​​had officially broken up. So, what is the reason behind their relationship breakdown?

During the last few months, DJ Katty Butterfly has been rumored to be dating Pesinetron Aiman ​​Ricky. The truth of the rumors was confirmed by both parties.

Interestingly, DJ Katty Butterfly, who is known to come from Thailand, chose to become a convert to Islam, with Aiman ​​himself as one of the witnesses.

But unfortunately, their relationship did not last long, it was later rumored that DJ Katty Butterfly had officially parted ways with Aiman. This news was confirmed by a woman from Thailand.

However, this woman who is known to have had a child is reluctant to have her relationship with Aiman ​​run aground instead of becoming a problem, because after all she and Aiman ​​are still friends.

“So that’s it, me and Aiman ​​now we’re not couple anymore. Now me and Aiman ​are just friends. Now I want to focus on my son, secondly is my job and my dreams,” said DJ Katty Butterfly on her YouTube channel.

However, DJ Katty Butterfly was reluctant to reveal the reason behind her separation from DJ Aiman.

“I want us just to be friends, please understand me and Aiman. I’ve lived here for 7 years. For fans who have always followed me from a sexy DJ, till I got married, having children, divorce.”

“Well, what happened to our hearts who know. Life must be happy, if we are happy we can be enthusiastic. If it is a mate, yes, it will also be a mate, “she said.

What is clear, for now DJ Katty Butterfly admits that she will really focus on pursuing a career for the sake of success and caring for her son.

“I want to tell stories and to be honest, now I want to really focus on my child. And, I want to focus on my job and follow my dreams. So that’s fine if I and Aiman ​​now we’re not boyfriends anymore. Now me and Aiman, I just want us to be friends, “said DJ Katty Butterfly.

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