DJ Una responded to rumors claiming to be divorced from husband

DJ Una has recently returned to the lips of netizens, related to photos of her husband who are no longer visible on her personal Instagram account. No doubt, Warganet then assumed that DJ Una’s marriage was on the line.

However, when being interviewed regarding the gossip, DJ Una neither denied nor confirmed it. All she can say is that right now the focus is only on raising the kids.

“Oh, I’m focused. We both busy on raising our kids for sure. I want my kids growing up healthy, strong and successful,” said DJ Una.

Furthermore, the woman who was so popular a few years ago emphasized that she was her husband, Irsan Ramadhan, who had agreed to both do the best for children.

“Anyway, what do I do. Anyway, we want the best for our children. It’s the same thing. I focus on raising my child, I focus on advancing my career too because I was really on hiatus yesterday,” he said.

Yes, the figure of DJ Una was indeed popular in the entertainment world a few years ago, because at that time, it was rare for a beautiful woman to work as a disc jockey or DJ.

However, since getting married and having children, DJ Una has rarely been seen on television. At that time, she admitted that she was fully focused on caring for and raising children from his marriage to Irsan Ramadhan.

As if confirming the rumors, DJ Una is now planning to return to catching up with his former popularity, which of course requires an extra struggle.

“Returning to the mood to pursue a position that yesterday needed another struggle. I just pray for the best for me and others too,” concluded DJ Una.

Meanwhile, when asked about the photos of the husband who disappeared from her Instagram account, DJ Una only argued that she admitted that she kept the photos as personal archives on social media.

“Just in the archive. If the parent’s name won’t change, it’s still the parent. I just like Kyrie’s photo,” said DJ Una.

Well, netizens’ curiosity was answered, but unfortunately, the comment from DJ Una was still unclear, slightly confusing.

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