Does fasting boost your immune system?

Running fasting amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, is it safe? Of course safe, even with fasting can actually improve the immune system. Why is that?

The Corona Virus pandemic has indeed changed the atmosphere at this year’s Holy Month of Ramadan. How come? Governments and Medical Personnel around the world including WHO itself have called for social and physical distancing.

Because of these two appeals, Muslims in Indonesia and perhaps throughout the world cannot perform the tarawih, tadarus and iftar prayer at the mosque.

But what worries the public more so far is whether it is safe to fast in the midst of a Virus pandemic like this? In fact, fasting can improve the immune system or the immune system.

It’s just that, to get these properties must also be accompanied by eating nutritious food, adequate rest and of course remain at home.

“With a note that we are fasting well. It means getting enough sleep, eating enough, drinking enough, getting enough rest, not stressing, exercising enough, and of course staying at home, of course, “explained the explanation from Prof. Dr. Dr. Iris Rengganis, SpPD, K-AI, FINASIM as an Immunologist from RSCM.

The reason is quite simple, because during fasting, the body does not get food or drink intake, but the digestive system and disposal continue to run. Along with it, the body will remove the remnants of the toxins left in the body when you urinate.

However, Prof. Iris also emphasized that we should not consume too much food, avoiding fatty foods, fried foods and some other foods / drinks.

“Don’t eat too much fat, then too much fried food that will damage the body. Open and dawn, also supervised, so do not fit to open revenge (eat a lot). Keep balanced nutritional food, “he continued.

However, the most important thing is to stay at home, because the main objective is to break the chain of the spread of this COVID-19 Virus.

“The conditions come back to stay at home again, why the conditions? So that there is no transmission. Far from fasting people, people do not fast just easily transmit, “he concluded.

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