Does Martial’s affair end after apologies to his pregnant GF?

Anthony Martial seems to have not been satisfied in terms of hurting a woman’s feelings, after officially divorcing his first wife, Samantha Jacquelinet. It is now known that Martial is related and is engaged to Melanie Da Cruz, who is a young, sexy model.

In this engagement period, who would have thought that Martial had turned away for a moment to another woman’s arms, and proved to be cheated on when his fiance was pregnant. Interestingly, a few weeks after the shocking news arrived, Melanie gave birth to a baby boy named Swan.

The hot moment of this affair also rocked English football, as Martial was a professional player who should be a demand for the younger generation. The more viral this news, and certainly has made a problem for the camp of Manchester United.

Martial finally revealed deep regret to all those who had been disappointed. He apologized while posting a photo of himself kneeling as if begging Melanie on a boat. This apology was delivered directly by the player in his personal Instagram account.

“I want to apologize to my brother, my fantastic family and most of all my fiance for the damage I have done in the past few months. I made a mistake and I apologize that it won’t happen again. “Martial wrote.

Martial and Melanie are known to be officially dating in the 2016 season. The inauguration left deep wounds for the former Martial wife, Samantha Jacquelinet and the outcome of her relationship was a child named Peyton.

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