Dorce Gamalama denies ‘social climbing’ allegation from Raffi Ahmad

Famous artist Dorce Gamalama does not seem to accept the claim that she is determined to do social climbing or ‘pansos’ from Raffi Ahmad.

Dorce Gamalama or often called Mother Dorce is indeed classified as a famous artist, she is so experienced in the entertainment stage of the country. Apart from often appearing as a soap opera star, Dorce is more active in a career as a musician.

But, over the past few years the 56-year-old transgender woman has indeed rarely been offered a gig. Not only that, Dorce has even begun to be rarely seen on television, either as a guest star especially appearing on soap operas.

So the public was curious about the current conditions of Dorce. Interestingly, Mother Dorce recently made a scene by asking Raffi Ahmad for work. Not a job to fill a particular event, but to become a personal driver of Nagita Slavina’s husband.

Because of this, there are many parties who do not respect Dorce, saying that the 56-year-old woman was deliberately a social aid from Raffi Ahmad. Hearing these accusations, Mother Dorce did not seem to accept.

In an interview with Melanie Richardo on the Youtube Channel, Dorce stressed that she was famous a long time ago, even before Raffi Ahmad became an artist, so there was no social media.

“I am already well-known, what do you want pansosin. Raffi hasn’t come out yet, I’m already an artist, “she said from the Sorok woman.

Dorce reiterated that for a long time he had existed on television screens, even had felt the replacement of the President of Indonesia six times. Even though it sounds arrogant, but that’s the fact.

“You’re still on the radio, I’m already a famous artist on top of 6 presidents. There is no 6th presidential committee. I have become arrogant, “she said.

Nevertheless, Mother Dorce acknowledged that she had indeed tried social service, but did not over-exert herself. In fact, Dorce claimed to plan to lower her prestige as an artist slowly.

“Sometimes I also do I panzer. I’m not going up either, it’s okay, I’m already famous, I even want to go down well, “she said.

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