Dorna Sports looking for circuits to hold MotoGP

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Dorna Sports as the MotoGP promoter this season is seeking a discourse to continue the competition without spectators. Now, they are busy looking for circuits that are willing to hold races without spectators.

The Riders are actually very ready mentally and physically for the MotoGP title this 2020 season. The reason, they have held two pre-season trial races in February in Malaysia and Qatar.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the first seven titles of the season to be postponed. Now, even riders cannot move as usual, they participate in independent quarantine as a preventive measure.

The fact that there is no appropriate vaccine for coronavirus makes the continuation of MotoGP this season bleak. Therefore, the CEO of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta considered that the most likely solution at this time was to hold a race without spectators.

“The most likely scenario is without an audience, because we are not sure we will, unless there is a vaccine or whatever is possible. It’s very difficult to race with the audience. Now, we are considering which circuits would want to hold a race without spectators, “he said.

Not only MotoGP, Dorna Sports also plans to hold Moto2 and Moto3 simultaneously. It’s just that, the personnel present as a crew are certainly not small. Therefore, Ezpeleta will continue to communicate with IRTA regarding plans to suppress the number of people present on the circuit.

“We want to hold three racing classes, also MotoE. We are working with IRTA and the team is looking for the maximum number of crews on the paddock. ”

“We think there will be 1,300 people, who will be controlled and undergo tests if possible. The important thing is to run the race and show it on television, “he said.

The authority to roll out MotoGP again is of course not only from the Promoter, but also from the State where the race takes place. Therefore, Ezpeleta claimed that his party would continue to communicate with the Minister of Sports of all countries related to this possibility.

“So we cannot make a decision about when the national borders are open. We communicate with all the ministers of sports in all the countries we visit and we think of all the possibilities, “he concluded.

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