Double pair Marcus-Kevin only played in important tournaments

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, PBSI is reluctant to take risks and plans to only field the men’s doubles pair, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya in an important tournament in 2021.

As is known, the Corona Virus Pandemic has indeed forced the World Badminton Federation or BWF to postpone a number of major tournament agendas such as the Thomas and Uber Cup and the World Championships which are rescheduled until 2021.

Thus, 2021 will automatically be a busy year for badminton athletes. The reason is, there are lots of tournaments being held, including the Tokyo Olympics, the Sudirman Cup and many more.

However, PBSI can ensure that Indonesia’s flagship men’s doubles pair Marcus-Kevin will only participate in important tournaments, including the Tokyo Olympic Tournament.

“Since the situation in 2020 is not possible, indeed many important championships must be postponed to 2021. PBSI can arrange from sending players and setting targets, which tournaments should take precedence.”

“For example, Marcus / Kevin, who is certain to qualify for the Olympics, of course we will register for only important tournaments such as the All England, Indonesia Open, Sudirman Cup, Olympics, Thomas Cup.” said Susy Susanti as Head of PBSI Binpres to BolaSport.

A different story for the mixed doubles pair Hafiz-Gloria, who still need a lot of points to get to the Olympics.

“It’s different with Hafiz / Gloria (mixed doubles) for example. They still need points to the Olympics so they have to secure their position by participating in many tournaments,” said Susy Susanti.

BWF’s decision to postpone the 2020 Thomas and Uber Cup events was indicated by the withdrawal of a number of countries from the Tournament, including Indonesia.

Indonesia’s decision to withdraw from the tournament was due to the absence of health and safety guarantees for the athletes involved. PBSI did not want to take risks, and finally the athletes also agreed not to participate.

However, PBSI ensures that Indonesia will continue to participate in the Asian Tournament held in Thailand. The reason is, the organizers have guaranteed the health and safety of the contestants.

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