Dr. Boyke finally spoken up about KPAI Commissioner’s controversial statement

Sitti Hikmawatty recently sucked public attention through a statement that is quite controversial. The figure who is known as the Commissioner of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission or KPAI claims that a woman can get pregnant if swimming together with adult men.

Suddenly what was said by Sitty became a warm conversation among netizens on social media. Even on Twitter, the name of the KPAI commissioner became a trending topic. There are many monohok comments that oppose Sitty’s statement.

Netizens even demanded the government to reduce the salary of the KPAI Commissioner, because the statement is known to reach IDR 26 million per month.

Naturally, the article Sitti’s statement seemed baseless. He claims a woman can conceive a fetus if swimming together with an adult male. According to him, this can happen because sperm can enter a woman’s vagina in swimming pool water.

So far, no cases have been found by a woman who could conceive because of swimming with her male friends. Sexologists, including Dr. Boyke also spoke up on the issue that was being discussed.

Through his personal Instagram account, Dr. Boyke asserted that it is impossible for a woman to get pregnant just because swimming with a man in one pool. Even if the man ejaculated or released sperm in the pool.

The reason is, sperm that come out will not last long life in water. Moreover, swimming pool water that contains a lot of chemicals. In addition, sperm also will not be able to find a way to enter the vagina of women who are in the pool.

“That says it’s not true because the sperm that comes out due to ejaculation outside the body in a few minutes will die. So it’s very small or even impossible that could happen,”

“When an ejaculate is released it will dry out immediately, especially in the swimming pool. minimal sperm can be damaged. Therefore the statement that caused the uproar did not have evidence or scientific basis,” write the account posted by Dr. Boyke on his Insta Story.

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