Draw results are like “disaster” at Real Madrid

French national team defender Raphael Varane acknowledged that the pressure felt at Real Madrid outweighed the other teams. In fact, when Los Blancos is only able to achieve a draw, no matter it is against a big team, or takes place at the opponent’s headquarters, then the result is like a disaster.

Varane himself joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2011, after being redeemed from Lens for 10 Million Euros. In his first season, Raphael Varane did not immediately play regularly. He often sits on the bench. Likewise with the next two seasons, but slowly he began to be relied upon and irreplaceable until now.

During a total of approximately 9 years defending Real Madrid, Varane has felt an extraordinary experience. Especially in terms of the pressure that is in the La Liga club.

“Playing at Real Madrid puts a different pressure. Every day, there are many newspapers, television and radio programs. What happened at Real Madrid spread throughout the world. We are a global team,” said Raphael Varane was quoted from the US.

In addition to the pressure coming from outside, Varane also feels pressure coming from inside, like from fans for example. This pressure usually comes when the club fails to achieve the expected results, even when there is a draw they have to accept the fans themselves ridiculed.

“The pressure on the club’s internal is also great. Fans give high demands: winning is a good thing, but it’s never enough, you always have to improve the game. The draw is a disaster, “said Raphael Varane.

However, the defender of the French National Team remains unyielding, he also saw many players who felt frustrated because of the high pressure at Real Madrid.

“The standards at Real Madrid have a different level than at any club. We feel and live with this pressure. Not all soccer players are able to live with this pressure. I have seen that there are some who have failed to deal with this pressure in their careers, “he said.

Players like James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale might be among the ones referred to by Varane. Both of them are often rumored to be leaving the Santiago Bernabeu in the near future, because they cannot stand up to public demands and criticism.

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