Ducati never had a chance to attract Marc Marquez

Ducati Corse is one of the teams who crave the figure of Marc Marquez for the upcoming 2021 season campaign. Unfortunately, they could not even begin negotiations with the rider.

Still young and has become a world champion eight times to make Marc Marquez, a Spanish rider became the target of many MotoGP manufacturers. One of them is Ducati.

The Italian manufacturer apparently had intended to get the services of Marquez for them to make as a mainstay rider in the upcoming 2021 season. This news was confirmed by their Sporting Director, Paolo Ciabiatti.

In fact, not only Marquez, Ducati also had wanted two Yamaha riders, Maveric Vinales and Fabio Quartararo.

What is the reason is because the three riders are still very young but have great potential to become world champions. Ducati considers the three of them to be a very promising long-term project for the team.

But unfortunately, none of the three riders were successfully recruited by Ducati. First, Yamaha managed to extend the contracts of Maverick Vinales and Fabio Quartararo until 2022.

That is, the hope is only one Marc Marquez. But what happened was more surprising. Marquez officially extended his four-year contract at Honda. That is, the Spanish rider recorded the longest contract record in MotoGP history.

“At the end of last season, there were three riders who entered our interest: Marc, Maverick, and Fabio. On one hand, we were told by manager Marc that he would stay at Honda. But a four-year contract is a surprise, although this is indeed a very good guarantee, “said Ciabatti.

In fact, Ciabiatti said that his party had not had time to open negotiations with Marc Marquez. Because the 28-year-old figure from the start was not interested in moving from Honda.

“Before negotiating with anyone, we have to make sure the racer is indeed willing to talk. But when we were told, ‘Thank you, but I want to stay in my current place,’ then there was no negotiation, “he concluded.

As a result of the Corona Virus outbreak, the first Series of the season at the Losail Circuit, Qatar was officially canceled, while the mat at Buriram, Thailand has been officially postponed.

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