During PSBB Aunt Ernie claims preparing her Youtube channel contents

Tante Pemersatu Bangsa or Aunty Ernie, expressed her preoccupation during the period of Large-Scale Social Restrictions or PSBB. The 41-year-old woman claimed to be preparing video content for her new Youtube channel.

Indonesian netizens, who are mostly male, are very familiar with Aunty Ernie’s figure, because this woman who has two children often uploads sexy photos on social media. This also makes Netizens dub her as Tante Pemersatu Bangsa.

Her habit which is often uploads her fantastic photos on Instagram makes Aunty Ernie now one of the homeland program, with more than 1 million followers. Of course, her followers can’t wait for the latest upload from the 41-year-old woman.

Well, if you are one of Aunty Ernie’s followers on Social Media, there is good news to know. Tante Pemersatu Bangsa is preparing a number of video content to be uploaded on her official Youtube Channel.

Later, in the Youtube Channel which he will launch in the near future, Aunt Ernie will upload a variety of content such as Cooking Videos, Sports or daily activities.

What this Aunty Ernie did was her busy schedule during the quarantine period or PSBB.

“I like trying new recipes at home, exercising at home, completing my work around endorsements of some products, and most recently, trying to create YouTube content,” she said when contacted.

The Corona pandemic indeed forced the government to implement PSBB in several regions, interestingly since the regulation was implemented the pregnancy rate in Indonesia also increased sharply. Responding to this, this is Aunty Ernie’s response.

“This may be due to the difficulty of getting contraceptives during the current pandemic,” she said.

So, did Aunty Ernie also do the same thing with her husband during the PSBB? The 41-year-old woman prefers to focus on other productive activities.

“Ha ha ha, if I’m personally, I focus my mind and energy on other things. So the mind and energy are not always in that direction, “she said.

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