Dutch Eredivisie officially cancelled its 2019/20 season

Because of the Corona Pandemic, the Dutch League was officially cancelled. Continuation of the European Top League competitions in 2019/20 season is still unclear, none other than the Corona Virus pandemic that has not subsided. But most recently, the Dutch League took a firm stand by stopping the campaign this season.

Many international agendas have to be postponed because of the Corona Virus pandemic or COVID-19. How come? The spread rate is increasing sharply from day to day, even in the United States there are positive cases of Corona which were found to reach more than 600 thousand cases.

Football also felt this pandemic, all soccer leagues in the European Continent were officially postponed since mid-March 2020 yesterday.

Because of this condition, the continuation of the 2019/20 season competition invites puzzles. Some chose the option to keep rolling the game, but some of them gave up and ended the campaign this season, including the Dutch Eredivisie.

Yes, the highest caste league in the Water Wheel Country has been officially abolished. Even so, Ajax Amsterdam which was at the top of the standings before the Corona outbreak struck, did not necessarily immediately become the champion.

That is because the number of points is the same as the number 2, AZ Alkmaar. This reason makes the Dutch football federation, KNVB cannot give the championship trophy to Ajax.

Obviously there are those who support this decision, but there are also those who reject it. However, stressed Just Spee as President of the KNVB, his party also strongly objected to taking the decision.

“This is a very bitter day because you want this to happen on the field, not by two or three people behind the desk who have to make this decision. There are winners and losers and especially for losers, it was a very bad day so we felt sad. ”

“We feel sad that we have to make a decision like that, we sympathize a lot with the clubs and their supporters. At the same time, there is no other way.” Spee told the BBC.

Before the Dutch League, there was the Belgian Pro League which also officially stopped the campaign this season. Will the other leagues follow their lead? Worth the wait.

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