Dybala recalls the moment when joining Juventus

Argentine striker Paulo Dybala recalls the moment when he would cost the Bianconneri. The player confirmed, that from the beginning he did not want a move to a club other than Juve.

Dybala began treading his career on European soil in 2012, to be with the Italian club, Palermo. Although still young at the time, his performance immediately attracted attention and the player got a place in the Palermo main squad.

The 2014/15 season can be said to be the highlight of Dybala’s performance with Palermo. He appeared impressive with a record of 13 goals and 10 assists. Not surprisingly, Juventus as the defending champion became interested in the young Argentine.

Sure enough, in the summer transfer market in 2015, Dybala officially costumed Juventus after being bailed out of Palermo through a pocket of 40 million Euros at the time. In fact, there are several teams that want Dybala at the same time, such as Napoli and Inter Milan.

However, Dybala stressed that from the start he had been determined to move closer to Turin.

“I was at home at the time with my mother and others. We talked about what might happen, the team that I can choose,”

“There are many clubs, coaches and others who contact, but I don’t want to close the door to anyone, or say yes or no, because I feel sooner or later there will be a call from Juve,” he told the official Juventus website.

After patiently waiting, Dybala then got a call from Juventus, where he had previously been contacted by his transfer agent at the time.

“One day, after lunch, my agent called and said in an hour, you will be called by the director of Juventus. I spoke with Fabio and he said that he would make every effort so that I could move to Juventus, “added Dybala.

“I was super happy till I immediately told my mother that I would join Juventus soon.”

“After I hung up the call, I ran to my mother, hugged her and said that I didn’t want to move to any club,” he concluded.

During five seasons defending Juve, Dybala himself has collected 91 goals and 36 assists in all competitions.

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