Easiest way to treat a sty

Sty is classified as a mild disease, but it is considered annoying, especially disrupting the appearance and comfort when on the move. Many people think that this pimple is a disease that comes from peeping, of course it’s just a myth, the fact that pimping occurs, because of bacteria that attack the roots of our eyelashes.

Generally, stint will disappear by itself in a few days if left unchecked. But if you can’t wait to get rid of stints, here are some natural ways to treat it.

Warm water compress

Prepare warm water in a basin, bucket or bowl, put clean towels into the warm water, then squeeze the towel until there are no drops. Compress the eyelid that has a short pimple with the towel. The warm temperature on the towel will help melt the pus on the nodules, so that it will deflate more quickly and naturally.

Compress tea bag

One of the popular ingredients used for medicine is warm tea bag. Black tea is said to have the benefit of reducing swelling while containing antibacterial ingredients that can help the healing process. The trick is to use a tea bag that has just been used or in warm conditions, then placed on the affected eye. Perform routine in the morning and evening.

Clean the eyes gently

Finally, the easiest way is to clean the affected eyelids by using clean water, which is mixed with antiseptic soap. Close your eyes when cleaning them so your eyes don’t get infected. Do not use makeup or contact lenses and so on the eye to avoid the spread of infection and irritation.

Sty is not a serious disease, however, this condition can interfere with daily activities. If the natural biliary eye drug above does not immediately help relieve your condition, the biliary lasts for several days and is increasingly painful or enlarged, immediately contact your doctor to get treatment.

Medical experts will give us antibiotics or even anti-inflammatory drugs with the aim of eliminating swelling and pain. Even in some cases, doctors will perform small surgical operations to remove the pus that is in the bumps.

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