‘Easily injured’ became Dembele’s big problem in Barcelona

Ousmane Dembele is arguably fair to get the title as a young star in the Barcelona squad at this time. However, in the midst of the positive predicate, it turns out there is a dark side that can threaten his career at the European level.

We could say Dembele is a player who is easily injured, but that is not a big problem for Barcelona because they have a lot of quality substitutes. In the sense that Dembele’s absence will not have a major effect on team play.

Different when Dembele is in a fit condition ready for combat, where his figure can help Barcelona get out of difficult moments. He can score goals, make assists, and make opponent’s defense in disarray. Last weekend, Dembele got a chance to play from Ernesto Valverde.

Dembele was trusted since the first minute of playing against Sevilla, even the coach dared to back up Antoine Griezmann. This decision sparked speculation that Griezmann could not steal the coach’s heart. Apart from that, simply put Dembele given the opportunity after undergoing a long injury.

Did not take long, Dembele immediately appeared extraordinary throughout the first 45 minutes and end. The player is so active combing the opposing defense wing, not only will attack, but Dembele often helps Barcelona’s defense.

Dembele’s performance exceeded expectations, proving that he deserves to be a Barca core player. However, all hope becomes a dark cloud when referring to the strength of his body. Dembele seemed to fail to adapt to the team’s tactic needs and was careless when carrying the ball.

One proof of the attitude of Dembele is still immature is to be rewarded with a red card that might make him absent at El Clasico later. Then Barcelona must accept the bad side of the player easily.

According to various sources, Dembele still likes to stay up late just to play video games or just watch a movie, and in the end, it’s too late in a routine Barcelona training session. Not until the site wrote, the former Dortmund player was also recorded several times absent in a medical test session.

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