Easy ways to get more followers on Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform which is still very much popular with millennials. Not just being able to connect or find colleagues who are far away, Twitter is also one source of information and many other interesting content. Today, Twitter is one of the social media that millennial generation must have.

But not a few who complain because their followers never increase, considering more followers, more popular we are, and more often our contents are watched by people. Well, here are some easy ways to get more followers on Twitter.

1. Follow Many People

By following many people, of course there will be interaction between us and these people, they will not hesitate to follow back us. Frequently also commenting on the content uploads of people or accounts that we follow.

2. Use Twiends

Using Twiends allows you to find Twitter users who can be contacted. By registering yourself on this platform, other users who share your interests will find it easy to find and follow you.

3. Optimize Bio Twitter

For information, before following us, people will first see the biography that we describe. Therefore, it is very important to give our bio in detail in the biographical column, such as our name or business.

4. Use tag or hashtag

Tag or hashtag is an important element in every post on Twitter, so make it a habit to use hashtag which of course relates to our posts. People especially new users will easily find our account.

5. Put your E-mail Address

By putting your E-mail address, it will be possible to find people you know. This method makes it easy for you to be followed again, especially because they know you in real life.

6. Promote Account

Account promotion is no less important, there are many ways to this point, one of them by asking friends or close people to promote our Twitter account in their posts. You can also rent the services of famous accounts with a large number of followers, including them on business cards and websites.

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