Edinson Cavani being called as Manchester United’s panic signing

Many have praised Manchester United regarding the signing of Edinson Cavani this summer. But not so with Harry Redknapp.

Manchester United are actually considered as one of the teams that need some new ammunition in the transfer market this summer. Even before, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted that his team needed at least 4 new players.

But in reality, the Red Devils only brought in one player, he was Donny Van De Beek who was bought from Ajax Amsterdam. It was only on the closing day of the transfer that three other players were bought by the Red Devils, one of whom was Edinson Cavani.

Cavani was not actually bought, but was obtained for nothing because the Uruguay striker is on a free transfer. Even so, there are many parties who praise this transfer.

The reason is, Cavani, who is 33 years old, still looks good with PSG last season. At the very least, he is a great addition to the Red Devils’ front line.

However, Harry Redknapp thought otherwise. According to him, the recruitment of Cavani is a gamble by Manchester United.

“I think you all know I like to gamble, but I’ve never gambled like Manchester United’s decision to sign Edinson Cavani,” Redknapp told Metro.

Redknapp thinks Manchester United have no other options, so in other words Cavani is a panicked recruit.

“They signed 33-year-old Cavani with a salary of 200 thousand pounds per week at the close of the transfer market, a sign they are desperate.”

“Eight weeks ago I received information that Cavani wanted to go to England, but seeing his salary demands I doubted he could come here,” he said.

Edinson Cavani is indeed a good player, but Manchester United’s attitude in signing the player on the final day of the transfer window has shown that the club is also doubtful about this transfer.

“If United are interested in him why did they sign him so late?”

“Cavani has been an outstanding player for many years, and if he still has talent and hunger too, then he will be a good player for them.”

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