Emre Can reveals reason for leaving Juventus

Emre Can left Juventus in the January 2020 winter transfer market. Although much speculation was heard, but the player never revealed the reasons behind his decision.

The German national team midfielder actually just joined Juventus in the summer transfer market in 2018 last. Bianconneri got his services for free, after the contract with Liverpool ended.

In his debut season in Italy, Emre Can was relied on quite often by Juventus, who at that time was still being handled by Massimiliano Allegri. But the situation actually changed when the 2019/20 season rolled.

Manager Maurizio Sarri, who came on for Allegri, turned out to be unable to provide enough play for the former Bayer Leverkusen. He was not even included in the European Champions League squad.

Knowing the situation will not change, Can finally decided to leave. Because, he wants to play in the Euro 2020 Cup with the German National Team.

“The main reason I left Juventus was because I wanted to play soccer again. Clearly the possibility of participating in the European Championship also had an impact. I want to be part of the German national team, “Can told the German newspaper, Kicker.

Furthermore, the 26-year-old figure revealed that he actually got several offers in the summer transfer market. But, Juventus refused to sell the player. When the season was rolling, then coach Maurizio Sarri contacted him about the play quota.

Then, after the club turned down an offer for me and took me out of the transfer market, he (Sarri) called me and with a 20-second phone call announced that I wasn’t on the Champions League list,” he stressed.

After a call from the manager, Can never got a chance to play. Therefore, he felt unfair and finally moved. However, the player insisted that his decision had nothing to do with Juventus or the Tifosinya.

After that call, I was not given a chance. I thought that was unfair and that is why I decided to move in January. But that decision has nothing to do with the club, nor the fans, “he said.

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