Ended with Ruby Mae, Dele Alli dates Megan Barton?

Dele Alli is indeed alone in the face of the pressure of the world of football, where the Tottenham Hotspur star has just ended his love story with the fulgar model, Ruby Mae. But who would have thought, if Alli tried to move on from all that by approaching a sexy model figure, Megan Barton Hanson.

The beginning of this rumor came when Alli and Megan met at a bar near London. The first view became Megan’s attraction to captivate Alli. Usut has an answer, Alli can be interested in Megan, because she uses a pink dress made from latex while at the bar.

Alli also managed to avoid many photographers by walking quickly out of the bar. However, trusted sources say that Alli was so enamored with Megan because her beauty and sexiness blinds many men.

“Alli was immediately captivated, even he introduced himself directly to Megan. There were many women present, but Megan was the one who made him interested, “said one source who happened to be in a bar with Alli.

Amid the rumors of Alli’s interest in Megan, Alli is known to be in the process of healing after an injury. He was noted to have missed a number of important matches both in the Premier League and the last was when Tottenham managed to bend Dortmund with a score of 3-0 followed by the last 16 of the Champions League leg 1.

Not yet known more deeply whether Alli will go down in the crucial leg 2 match later, the article Dortmund is still very dangerous for Tottenham, even though they are already three goals ahead.

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